• How can I contact you?

    We are open 09:30 – 17:30 Monday – Friday

    Email us at and we will aim to get back to you within 1 working day

  • Do you have a shop/showroom I can visit?

    Unfortunately we are an online business and can't accommodate customers at our workshop.

    Please drop us an email if you need further details or photos of products.


  • Legal and regulatory details

    Liight Limited
 Registered Office: Bridewell Studios, 101 Prescot Street, Liverpool, L7 8UL

    Registered In: England and Wales

    Company Registration No: 9092431

    VAT Registration No: GB 189725256

    Telephone: 0151 4910005


  • Can I use your filament light bulbs with a dimmer?

    Yes! We recommend the use of a dimmer with our filament light bulbs

    Not only does it extend the life of the bulb but it also creates the atmospheric lighting filament bulbs are famous for

  • Can you modify one of your products for me?

    The majority of our light fittings are made to order

    Drop us an email with your requirements and we will let you know if it is possible

  • Can you give me more details on the finishes of your products?

    Our most common finishes are listed below:

    Vintage Brass:
 A rich brown patina produced by treating shiny polished brass.
    Ideal for creating an authentic period look

Like old english brass this finish is created by treating shiny polished brass.
    It is subjected to higher levels of oxidation and the end result is a very dark almost black hue.

 A shiny finish that is very similar to chrome.
    Nickel varies the most of all our finishes due to the plating process.
    Flat objects such as our ceiling roses will have a shinier appearance than more complex shapes such as our lamp holders.

    Polished Brass:
 This ranges from warm 24-carat gold to light brassy tones.
    As with our nickel finish the shape of the product will affect how reflective the surface is.

Galvanisation is the practice of applying a zinc coating to steel or iron.
    The zinc acts as a protective barrier to prevent rusting.
    The tone varies from silver to grey and is grainy and uneven.
    Over time the surface will darken with age.

: Our hand-aged items are produced by us using our own secret method.
    Each item will have a unique finish with no two products being identical.
    The tone is similar in colour to slate grey and might show minor signs of rust, pitting and/or an uneven surface.